Suffering and the Human Spirit:


Monday March 30 - Sunday April 12 

Exhibition opening Monday 30 March 6.30 pm - 8.30pm 

All other days 10 am - 4 pm

Exhibition Space, Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School 

Campbell street Northmead 2152

Suffering and the Human Spirit:  Stations of the Cross 2020

Is a cooperative venture between Northmead CAPAHS and Northmead UCA. 

Each year we invite 15 artists to participate.  We randomly allocate each artist an individual station with a short brief and give them 9 plus months to work on their particular station.  We invite artists to participate because we think they are good artists and have the capacity to address significant existential questions through their art practice.

We do not edit in any way what the artists give us.  Through the exhibition we want to create the space for a conversation about the nature of life; of suffering, and, of death.  We draw on the Franciscan Stations of the Cross dating from the year 1200 (approximately) and we offer a contemporary pastoral informed commentary to the artists as a starting point (in the catalogue)

Each year we experience a lively encounter with the works and times of deep, reflective, conversation.

On the opening night each year when you look around there are multiple communities coming together in this project: artists, school (teachers, students, parents), wider community and church.  We think we have met our goals well, when each of these groups talks with excitement about the present show.

We have had a Stations of the Cross exhibition regularly since 2007.  From 2007-11 at St Ives Uniting Church , and from 2014 to the present at Northmead CAPAHS.  2015 at Australian Catholic University Strathfield, and in 2017, and 2018, also at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture in Canberra.  More than 100 artists have participated.



Curatorial team:

Chris Auckett, Northmead CAPAHS

Jennifer Little, artist

Rev Dr Douglas Purnell OAM, Northmead Uniting Church


Organising Committee,

 Jon O’Brien., (chair)

Rev. Niall Reid, Susan Stevenson, Lyn Cormack, Wendy McGuirk , and, Doug Purnell