This exhibition is a co-operative annual venture between Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School and Northmead Uniting Church of Australia.


Every year as Curators, we invite 15 Visual Artists to participate in the exhibition.


Randomly, we allocate each individual artist a particular ‘Station’, along with a short ‘brief’.


The artists are given approximately 9 months to work on an artwork which depict the Station they have been given.


We believe the artists we select have the capacity to address the existential questions through their individual art practice.

Importantly, we never edit or censor, what the artist chooses to submit for exhibition.

The essential purpose of the exhibition is to create a “space for a conversation about the nature of life; of suffering, and, of death”.

The theme/subject of the exhibition draws upon the Franciscan Stations of the Cross, which dates from the year circa 1200.

The Curators offer a contemporary, pastorally informed commentary to the artists as an initial starting point (in the catalogue).


Every year, we experience a wonderful, lively, sometimes controversial experience with the artworks…..leading to times of deep, reflective and meditative conversation.

On the annual ‘Opening Night’, when you survey the audience, there is a multitude of community members seemingly present. These include members of communities that are connected to the project; such as artists, teachers, students, parents, church members, arts-lovers, as well as the wider, and local community.


It is exciting when we see participating groups engage with the exhibition, and see individual artworks as particular favourites.


The ‘Stations of the Cross Exhibition’ has been a regular event since 2007.


Initially, the exhibition was held at St. Ives Uniting Church (2007-11)

At various times, the exhibition has also co-featured at the Australian Catholic University and the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture.

Over the history of the exhibition, over 100 artists have participated.

From 2014 to the present, the exhibition has been successfully held at Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School.

Station 1: Jesus is Condemned to Die