Station 11: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Artist, Harrie Fasher

Paddock Find/ lamb, Steel 19x 35 x 31cm 2018
Offering 1 Found Object 20 x 10cm 2018
Navicular Mixed media on paper with Nail 47 x 30 x 3cm 2019

Station 11 - Harrie Fasher
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I have a spiritual connection to the earth, and find great solace waling and drawing in the landscape. The work I presented for the 11th station, Christ being nailed to the cross, is a steel study of a dead lamb, an Indian offering washed up from the ocean, and a study of feet nailed to the wall.


The lamb, soft yet lifeless, represents purity and the earth. I built it in steel, a hard cold material that has been imbued with the properties of life lost. The offering was collected in India for its shape and texture, it holds memory of colour, ritual and life. And the drawing is a literal representation of the station, feet nailed, produced by the mediative action of looking. Together the three works contemplate what such a sacrifice symbolises in our contemporary society.