Station 15: Jesus is Raised to Life

Artist, Jennifer Little
Super life 2019
Still from digital animation
Digital Projection, rotating light boxes, acetate, ink, acrylic, silicon, timber stand, gauze
Dimensions variable

Station 15 - Jennifer Little
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I was excited to be given this station, because it draws together all the previous stations, in the same way our life is the sum of all our actions, experiences and creations.

The meaning and purpose of life and the next step after death, are so mysterious and difficult to contemplate. As I grow older, death and the fear of it, grow closer, and I wanted to explore this, through Quantum Physics.

At the quantum level, which is mysterious and beyond the perception of our senses ( like the afterlife ), matter can be in 'superposition' ... many states at once. If observed, the probability wave of these many states, collapses to only one state


Life, embodied and conscious, is observed, so the wave function is collapsed into one state. Time, place and actions are fixed in one state of being.

I interpreted the idea of 'raised to life' as being in a state of super life, in 'superposition' ... a soul in superposition ... floating in an ocean of energy and possibilities, timeless and infinite.

After death, there is not 'nothing', there is 'superposition' ... 'super life'.

Coming to this point in my thinking, allowed the creation of this work to become playful, unconfined and joyful.