Station 9: Jesus Falls the Third Time

Artist, Blak Douglas
Three strikes and you’re out (detail)
Synthetic polyemer on canvas
150cm x 200cm

Station 9 - Blak Douglas
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So really my knee jerk response from the outset was to paint a large cross in a landscape filled with Grass Trees ("Black boys") yet the cross has been hit by three large spears. Perhaps accompanying words are to the following effect...

This piece personifies my lifelong frustration of being wrongfully encouraged to embrace the religion of colonialism and white suppression. From being 'christened' Adam Douglas Hill and registered 'Church of England' yet being only three generations removed from my tribal Dhungatti peoples. Having to participate in scripture on Tuesday mornings in feigning honestly and professing to uphold sound Governance on a stolen land. This image - 'Three strikes and you're out' is metaphoric of how I'd like to see the illegal dominant faith upon this continent fall.