Station 1: Jesus is Condemned to Die

Artist: Chris Wyatt
Ink, gouache and acrylic on 4 boards 240cm x 240cm

Station 1 - Chris Wyatt
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“Deadlines sharpen the senses”

I grew up with deadlines. My father ran a production house, magazine articles, photography, advertising; my older brother and I worked in the biz …you get the picture.


“Doug, what date for the catalogue?”

February 12th, a month hence.


Sharpened me up, I can tell you. I had known about the show for nine months, thought about it from day one, thought about it deeply, as I always do.

You see this show means a great deal to me, as I am sure it does to everyone else involved. But due to a relationship breakdown, sale of the house, having to move… I guess you get the picture again.

Did the drawing as soon as I arrived in Charlton, in October 2018. Referenced Rembrandt ’s “ The Conspiracy of the Batavians,” one of his late great paintings and Da Vinci’s “Last Supper,” his flawed masterpiece; both have tables involved. Judgement is always given from behind a table, keeps a judge away from the judged, gives the judge the power. If he comes from behind the table, things can get messy.

Drawing done, over time I even liked it.

So one month to go to make the picture to a state to be photographed.

“No country for old men”. Three weeks, 10 or 12 hour days. “No rest for the wicked,” as my mother would say.

The night before I am due to go to Sydney, paint out and re-paint half the picture. That’s deadlines for you.

Didn't know whether it was good, bad or indifferent . Left it and went to Sydney. Two days later walked into the studio, it was there,   “at a stage”. It worked . It worked for the camera. More to do, adjustments rather than structure .Happy to see it re produced like this.

My fifth time in the show. Some people say to me get God out of your pictures. It is wonderful they think God is in my pictures.

These things need to be said. These painting need to be made. May this show long continue.