Station 13: Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross

Artist, Euan Macleod
End of Watters 2018

work in progress
Oil on polyester

81 x 81 cm

Station 13 - Euan Macleod
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The Station I got this year - for 2019 - is Station 13: Jesus is taken down from the cross. I have found it one of the hardest to do. 

Doug basically sees it as experiencing the death of your child. I have found the almost too hard to think about. I have a two daughters. It's just the most horrendous concept really. What I ended up painting about was the closure of Watters Gallery, the gallery where I have shown for 36 years. I actually did the painting the weekend it closed. I guess my concern with Doug was, did he see it as being too loose? It's not based on the death of my child, but it is based on the death of my childhood, in a way, and the death of my future. I guess it does work. 

Euan was asked: How do you describe the gallery dying?

Well, it's basically the ruins of the gallery with a staircase, based on Watters' big brutalist staircase that runs through the middle of the gallery. The staircase doesn't go anywhere but absolutely it has a strong metaphor of ascension. When I came to Watters, when I showed it here, my first show ever, I was 25. Watters has guided me through the art world, really, which is a huge thing for me. You argue it's like the death of a father, but it's a death, nonetheless. It doesn't have to be literal.