Station 3: Jesus Falls for the First Time

Artists: Christopher Auckett and Leanne Sawyer
Laiden 2019

Ceramic, steel and mixed media Dimensions variable

Station 3 - Chris & Leanne
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As friends and working colleagues over 15years in public art education this collaboration was timely, and perhaps overdue, as we had discussed the possibility of collaboration on several occasions. To some extent the creation of this work, entitled ‘Laiden ’ is a seamless extension of our close professional relationship, intertwined with our individual art practices. It enabled an opportunity to create an artwork based on our individual strengths, passions, interests, favoured techniques and mediums; Leanne with sculptural ceramics and Chris with altered found objects. Using the title of the individual Station as a starting point, much like a designer with a design brief, the physical nature of the sculptural work is imbued with meaning and symbolism until the work “speaks ”. Themes such as passage, recollection, narrative and experience reveal themselves in subtle ways to engage the ‘thinking’ viewer.