Station 12: Jesus Dies on the Cross

Artist, Lesley Salem
Station 12

Station 12 - Lesley Salem
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My name is Lesley and I am a Wonnarua woman. The iconography and symbolism of aboriginal art is a language and I have used this language to depict not only the event of station 12 of way of the cross but it's meaning. Station 12 is where Jesus dies on the cross, but this has meaning to many people. Jesus is portrayed as the centre symbol in the cross with 3 clay pots. The pots at the feet of an elder indicates he is a teacher of lore, custom, beliefs, knowledge. The elaborate decorations of the symbol show he is an elder and allowed to pass on knowledge; to teach. 

The red symbols are used for death and funerals. It is also a fire symbol for refletion; remembering. The symbol at funerals allows the spirit of the dead to be where it needs to go; as a guardian on this earth or to the heavens. 

The white joined dots on the horizontal arms of the cross symbolise the 'dreaming'; heaven in this case. 

The joined circles surrounding the cross create the meaning of Jesus's death, connecting people through belief and sacrifice. The circles are places, homes, towns, where people live. The lines are the travel, or in this case the connectivity of people to the teachings of Christ. The places/people are all connected to Christ's teaching as per the clay centre of each place at the heart of each circle (home).